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Tyre handling attachments

E-Series push/pull

Thinline™ hose reel

D-Deries fork clamps


D-Series bale clamps

F-Series roll clamps

Single-Double pallet handler

East Rand Chamber of Commerce
BEE Verification Agency
Afrikaanse Handelsinstituut
Department of Trade and Industry



Product Brochure

Tyre Handling Attachments

25F Paper Roll Clamp

45F Paper Roll Clamp

77F Paper Roll Clamp

6071071US G-MPHs

6095448 Tire Handler

Drum Clamp

E series side shifts

E-Series Push_Pull

F series side shifts

F-Series Roll Clamps

D-Series Bale Clamps

D-Series Fork Clamps


Hyd Bin Retainer

Cascade layer pickers


Single-Double Pallet Handler

Thinline Hose Reel

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